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At Cavalier Garages in Trafford Park, Manchester, we have the skills and expertise as well as the latest tools and technology at our workshop, so if your car battery is flat or isn’t performing as well as it should, give our team a call today. We can conduct a battery check and establish the health of your battery which will give you an idea of how much longer it may last.

Apart from the obvious sign that the car’s not starting, there are some other signs to look out for which may mean that your car’s battery is failing:

  • The car is sluggish when you start it up
  • The car takes longer to start than normal
  • The electrical components aren’t being powered sufficiently – check if your lights are dimmer than usual
  • The check engine light comes on to tell you that there’s a problem with the battery
  • You need to press the gas pedal to get the car started
  • The dreaded clicking noise when you turn the key

If you do notice any of these signs, get in touch with the team at Cavalier Garages straight away – we’re always happy to answer your questions and advise.

Cavalier Garages is a local independent garage proud to serve customers from across Greater Manchester including Stretford, Urmston, Eccles and Salford.

To find out more about Car Batteries in Trafford Park, Manchester, get in touch online or call Cavalier Garages on 0161 877 8810

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